Removal of CIS impossible because of Comodo Internet Security Filter Driver

Hello there,
maybe someone got another tip for me, I’m kinda helpless.
My system is Windows 10 Pro and I’m using Comodo Free Firewall of the CIS, reported as Version

I tried to uninstall comodo which seems to work in a first point of view. But after the reboot the network (lan connection) is no longer functional.
I expect this belongs to a remaining driver “Comodo Internet Security Filter Driver” as schown in this picture of another guy:

I cannot disable the driver for the adapter nor can i uninstall it, both fails with error messages.

I tried uninstalling the network card and reinstalling but had no success at all.

The only way was the way back via system restore to the point prior to the uninstallation.
So I expect the driver may connect the other firewall components and it is operational again.

I also tried the recommended removal tools in the forum w/o any success - except the comodo gui is finally broken and no longer present, but the components seem to be intact.

Installing a new version didn’t work too - Comodo firewall reporting not operational, I expect this belongs to the broken network adapter driver too.

Another thing I’ve tried was removing every .inf belonging to comodo I’ve found, which didn’t work too. The network adapter driver remains where it is.

Because I’m using Avast free AV together (working perfectly for ages after some initial problems after upgrading to windows 10) I’ve also uninstalled avast and tried uninstalling, installing, uninstalling comodo again. No chance to get out of this :frowning:

Please help me :frowning:
How can i remove that driver??

Thank in advantage,

Try to restore your system, then first disable the network card you use, then uninstall comodo