Remotely accessing another computer help

Hello. While not a big issue i thought I’d reach out and see if anyone can offer assistance or advice. With the pandemic a lot of the education world has become online. I am living on campus however most of my classes are still online and for a labs we tend to have to remotely access a campus desktop to utilize specific software to run various experiments and simulations and i would have to disable the firewall to successfully connect to the computer. Here are the settings i have set currently. I run it on safe mode and checked filter IPv6 traffic and unchecked do not show pop-up alerts. and for stealth ports i have it set to alert me which i believe is the default setting. Other than that all the other settings are default.

The way they have us go about accessing these computers is they have there own website that lists all the available computers you click connect on the computer and it downloads a file with ext .rdp.

It would be nice to not have to disable it every time to connect to these computers. This i not a huge issue it’s more a convenience thing for me but any advice would be helpful. I hope all of you guys are maintaining a positive attitude during these times with pandemic and everything.

You’d need to know what ports & protocols the remote control software uses and open them in Global rules as well as an associated application rule to listen for the incoming traffic.