Remote Location and tracking

I have just started using CMS and have set up my anti-theft utilities but I was dissapointed to find out that the remote location tool does not automatically turn on my GPS when it has been disabled in my pull down menu on my Galaxy S3. When the GPS has been disabled it simply replies saying that it cannot find the location of the phone. If a person does steal my phone and gets past my pattern password, all they need to do is disable my GPS and then I will not be able to locate my phone. Is there something i’m missing?

On an additional note, it would be good if the remote locate actually tracked the location of the phone once the sms is recieved and reported coordinates every 10 minutes to an email account or similar. That way you could get a better idea of where the phone is headed and where it has spent the most amount of time.

Without gps, anti-theft can get your location too.

And, in some devices the gps cannot be open by the app~