Remote Desktop

I haven’t been able to get the Remote Desktop on the VPN to work.
So I have not been able to test it

It’s not clear from the Help material who is getting control of a Remote Desktop.

If I initiate “Desktop Control” does that mean that I am inviting someone to have control of my PC or that I am requesting control of their PC?

Hi asloane,

If you initiate the other side has to “approve” that “you” are taking control of their system.

When you click “Desktop Control”, you are requesting to control another user within your network. They can, on their end, set up the approval to be either a “Click” yes, security certificate (Comodo issues these), or password. If password, then the user attempting to control the session just needs to type in the designated password (which is a separate password from the VPN password) and then they have control, so the user being controlled doesn’t have to “approve” your session. If you use a certificate, the system will look for a match installed on your machine and automatically allow control.

I haven’t been able to get the Remote Desktop with Comodo EasyVPN either. I have done everything right - that’s for sure.
If i remember correctly there were no errors, no logs, just “connection cant be established” (or something similar) despite remote client allowed connection.
…After that i switched to another software solution which works for me.

Same here.


Only way i could get it to work is to set the remote “performance” slider to low or maybe one tick higher then it would work but the graphics look bad