Remote Desktop Setting

Hi, I use remote desktop on one of my computers. Can you please tell me how to set the firewall to allow this. I also use VNC. Can you tell me how to set it up to get vnc to work? Seems like a very good fire wall. What are the rules for comercial use?

Check this topic for VNC,210.msg1294.html#msg1294

From what I understand you can install it on every computer on your business ( maybe you will need to get more than one licences but all will be free :wink: )

Melih please respond. I am curius about this too ;D


If you have downloaded the latest version (V2.1.0.1) there is an option to automatically allow safe applications. If RealVNC is included in the safe application list, the required ports will automatically be allowed for inbound and outbound.

Alternatively, you could install the firewall and then simply start RealVNC. You should get a series of popups about the attempted outgoing or incoming connection. You can select to “Remember my choice” and click ALLOW. This will do the same thing as setting it up as a safe application.

What are the rules for commercial use? It’s freeware to all users - commercial or private!!! Comodo’s theory is that the more users that use Comodo products to secure their desktop, the greater their use of e-commerce will be (since they are secured). As demand for e-commerce rises, so will demand for high security certificates and this is where Comodo paid-for service start to come into play.

Their ideal is a single vendor, secure chain extending from the purchasers desktop to the e-commerce vendors server and back again.

These are the right products for the right price and for the right reasons.

Please note that the same licensing does not apply to RealVNC. I believe that they have separate private use and commercial useage licenses.

Hope this helps.
Ewen :slight_smile: