Remote desktop re-draw is slow

Is there any way to speed up the screen re-draw when accessing another machine’s desktop. Is slow re-draw due to internet connection speed or display adapter performance ? I have slow re-draw on a Vista Laptop and equally slow re-draw on a WinXP desktop. Thank you.

You can go into options, desktop control and move the slider towards speed. But i still find the redraw is pretty slow.

What version are you guys using?

I’m finding it very slow with version 1.7 but it’s due to heavy CPU usage. As soon as I connect to a pc the CPU usage goes way up. It will max out a single core, 75-80% of a dual core and around 60% of a quad core.

Remote is so doggone slow it is unusable. I mean, I’m talking minutes to see the remote screen appear, then more minutes to see a single update… if the whole thing doesn’t crash and disconnect without warning.

My question is:- Can we expect CEVPN to work at any sort of useable speed with 1.5M/256K adsl connections at each end? If not, then there is no point in going any further with it. I have wasted hours and hours over several days on it so far.

I like what Comodo stands for, but free software still costs heaps in lost time and frustration if it doesn’t work.

CEVPN Ver. on XP Pro SP3 both ends of tunnel. Core 2 Duo PC’s with 2GB RAM and no networking (or other) issues afaik. Using Comodo Internet Security both ends and have tried disabling… no change. Slider set all the way to “Speed” and screen is very blocky.

I’m surprised there aren’t some of the settings that MS Remote Desktop has, e.g. no background - that would have to speed things up I think.

Hi guys. Did anyone ever find a way to speed up the re-draw? I’m connecting to my dads PC through my 4meg link and his 14meg link. Even with these reasonably quick connection speeds redraw is still pretty slow.

You might want to look at Ericom Blaze. It’s a software-based RDP acceleration and compression product that provides improved performance for remote connections. Besides delivering higher frame rates and reducing screen freezes and choppiness, Ericom Blaze accelerates RDP performance by up to 25 times.

You can download a free evaluation at: