Remote Desktop Not Working after upgrade from 1809 to 1903

Under Windows 10 1809, I had a firewall rule to allow svchost.exe and global firewall rules to allow all IP traffic IN/OUT from the local network (using a subnet mask). Worked reliably for all of 2019. Immediately after the 1903 update completed, Remote Desktop won’t connect even with these firewall rules enabled. If I temporarily disable the firewall, I can connect and then I can enable the firewall and the active remote desktop session will remain active.

Searched, couldn’t find anyone else reporting this so I started a new thread. Any ideas of what might be wrong with my setup?

Hi lindend,

Could you please check your inbox and provide us the requested logs along with some screenshots.

Mathi R

Hi Mathi,

I had to get this system functional before you responded. Sorry. I looked at the firewall events and noticed that when the RDP connection was made, the source and dest IP addresses were Since that wasn’t happening elsewhere, I decided to uninstall and then reinstall the firewall. After doing that, things worked properly again.

I’ve upgraded three machines with 1903 and Comodo and this is the only one that has had this problem.