remote desktop doesn't work with firewall enabled


I was using CIS v3.12 on my laptop with Vista Home Premium SP2. This combination was working successfully with Remote Desktop client so I was able to connect to a remote server from my laptop over VPN with Comodo firewall enabled.

Now that I have installed CIS 4.1, I cannot connect to the same remote server unless I DISABLE Comodo firewall. If I enable firewall even in Training mode, the connection gets lost though the VPN client continues to operate normally. (It is the Remote Desktop that fails.) I added both the VPN client and RDP to the list of trusted apps, but this doesn’t help. There are no any messages in the Firewall Events; the Defense+ is disabled.

Any help here?

More info on the problem:

I have tried to setup extra rules for the RDP application as advised on thread, but this did not help.

Moreover, after that edit I noted a strange behavior: when I press button OK in the “Network Security Policies” dialog, this disabled all HTTP and POP3 traffic that was circulating before dialog open (with firewall on in Safe mode). On the contrary, Skype traffic continues to be propagating smoothly. So now firewall blocks even more applications than was before setting the rules advised.

Please, did anyone have the same problem? I am currently using Windows firewall as the last resort (everything works fine), but this is not good if I have Comodo installed…