Remote Desktop Connection

I know I must be overlooking something but I can’t quite understand why my RDC (mstsc.exe) is not allowing me to connect to my remote server using my VPN for work. If I uninstall Comodo, I connect right away. However, the moment I reinstall Comodo, and connect with my VPN, then the RDP I use to “remote in” to my workstation, it just tells me that the remote server is unavailable. I have allowed mstsc.exe as a trusted app, but it still won’t allow me to connect. What could be wrong?

Most likely you have a global rule that blocks incoming traffic, if you have such a rule then you must create another global rule that allows incoming traffic on the port that VPN/RDP/RDC(?) uses.

Basically if you have a global rule that says to block all incoming traffic then even if the application rules says to allow incoming traffic the incoming traffic will still be blocked because the global rule said no incoming traffic.

You can see it as Global rule having a priority of 1 when it comes to incoming traffic and application rules have a priority of 2, where 1 is the highest priority. For outgoing traffic the application rules would have the priority of 1 and global rule would have priority 2… if that makes any sense, in my head it was easier anyway…

Can you walk me through the steps in order to change that rule? It would be greatly appreciated.

AKHandyman are you running internet security or proactive configuration ?

Probably IS by default install. I would set the hips to training mode and play a bit then reboot. Have you checked the sandbox most likely something crucial is being isolated that needs to be trusted.

Good Luck !

Internet Security is the active process.

Do you have CIS installed on your home-PC or your work-PC or both?
There should be something in the logs to help you figure out what’s being blocked.