Remote Desktop Connection on Comodo Firewall

Greeting fellow Comodoians!!

I am using Windows XP MCE 2005(desktop and laptop), anti-virus AVG. I have a Remote Desktop Connection set up on my desktop at port 5001. Unless I set the Comodo Permission to “Allow All” it wont allow me to access the computer from my laptop.

I tried configuring in the Network monitor tab but of no avail. Right now I set Comodo permission to “Accept All” just so that I can access my desktop which is a very bad idea.

Can anybody tell me how i can configure the firewall to accept RDC from my laptop.

Thanks a zillion for reading.



Does the log show any ports being blocked?

I think you have to allow port 3389 in from the PC’s ip to let it connect plus the TCP port you specified when setting it up.

Here is a page that might help you out:

If you have any problems please post back and someone will be glad to help you.

Hope this helps.