Remote desktop client through VPN

Hi hope someone can help, a post is my last resort to being able to connect to my work server.

At work we run windows server 2008 and I access it by first connecting to our VPN. I then connect Windows Remote Desktop to the server’s IP address.

VPN always connects no problem but the RDP will not connect unless I turn off comodo firewall. Going to training mode doesn’t work and I never get an alert.

There’s nothing wrong with my router because with Comodo firewall off I have no issues.
I have tried every conceivable opening of port 3389 - have even tried making mstsc.exe accept all ports, sources, destinations.

I feel the problem is because I have to go through a VPN to be able to reach the IP address of the server.

Any thoughts? Do I need to add some rules to open up traffic through the VPN more?

Did you open port 3389 in CIS in Global Rules as well?

Problem solved. You do not need any special rules for my situation. In fact I uninstalled and clean reinstalled CIS to reset my firewalls to default.

then ran in training mode for a while but most importantly unticked ‘block fragmented ip datagrams’ in firewall attack detection settings / misc

VPN traffic with remote desktop to your work server sends packets of data that are fragmented and trigger CIS to block them. Experiment with the rule ticked and unticked to see if it cures your issue.