Remote desktop broken [Resolved]


I’m connecting to my office via Windows VPN, I don’t have a problem with this. However I’m attempting to use RDP to a server once connected and Comodo FW appears to be blocking the establishment of the session. I’ve a rather crude test, which is to simply shut done Comodo FW, once I’ve done this I can then RDP to the server.

I’m loathed to have to shut down the firewall, so does anybody know what I have to allow in order to get RDP to work through Comodo FW.

I’ve configured mstsc.exe as a trusted applicaion but this does not fix my problem

If CPF blocked something, then it should be reflected in CPFs log.

Additionally, rather than shutting down CPF try setting CPF to Allow All. Normally stopping CPF.EXE, the visible part of CPF, has the opposite effect (since CMDAGENT.EXE & CPFs driver remain) in blocking all communications.

Thanks for the response, checking the log showed that Comodo was blocking the GRE protocol because it was generating fragmented packets. Clearing the tick box to drop fragmented packets allowed the RDP session to become established.