remote desktop and local desktop at the same time ?

is it possible with easyvpn
to use remote desktop on remote computer
when on the remote computer there is another desktop session (on the console )
i mean on the remote computer have be logged in 2 users (with their desktops)
one local an one remote -
how i know this is possible (one remote and one local desktop together at the same time) in win xp by some registry tweaks
and second
is it possible to leave session for a while (drop the connection and close the client) but session have to stay , and
after while to resume the session .
and if resume of the session is possible , is it possible to resume session either remotely and locally ?

i mean is it possible the following : i am logged in locally on a computer , i leave it with “Switch User” function , and after some time i connect to that session remotely . then disconnect remote session (but not close desktop session) and after some time i return to local computer and resume that session again ?
or other scenario : i initiate desktop session remotely (is it possible to initiate desktop session remotely with easyvpn?) , then i disconnect but not close session, and after a time i connect again perhaps from other computer , or even from local computer . there might be 2 possibilities : 1 to connect from local computer directly as if i used “Switch User” to leave and
2 i connect from local computer but from different desktop session to that session created remotely?
and when i am connected remotely , other users could be connected locally at the same time with me?
and there migh be an interesting question : what if when i am connected remotely , someone try to resume my session locally or when i am connected locally some one try to connect to my session remotely?

in vnc remote desktop there is function allowing one user to project local desktop to many other computers - using shared sessions (one desktop and many viewers) and so called listening mode of vnc clients (clients automatically accept sessions sent from the server) , is this possible with easyvpn ?

which of this is possible ?
perhaps this is possible with third party software in addition to easyvpn?
can someone help ?


Best regards