Remote Desktop and Firewall disabled issue

Host computer specs:
Windows XP SP3
Remotel Desktop (from XP)
Comodo firewall 3.9.95478.509, (same issue with 3.5.x)

On my host computer i’ve created an account for my client computer to remotely log onto. Once my client computer logs onto the host computer, the comodo firewall icon on host computer shows a big cross (shows disabled). Comodo itself says that Defense+ is no longer active.

This is after the client has stopped remotely accessing the host computer.

Exiting and running comodo firewall again does not solve this issue. It looks like remote desktop (to host computer) completely disables comodo firewall on the host computer. Only a full reboot will restore comodo.

As you can imagine, compromising my host computer while using a remote desktop is risky as hell.

Please fix.

Hmm do the developers actually read these threads?

Hi callous. I sorry no one has answered your question.

Would you mind providing a little more detail regarding the configuration of CIS, your firewall rules and D+ settings would be helpful.

Are you running CIS on both PC’s

I have not added any firewall rules or D+ settings at all for remote desktop - was there a configuration file you would like me to give you? You would need to tell me where to grab that if that is the case…

I am running CIS on the HOST machine, and outpost firewall on the client machine. There is no trouble with connecting client to host machine at all.

Would you mind just taking screen shots of your firewall application rules and global rules. Also which mode are you running D+ and the firewall in

Now the ifinallly reinstalled windows, and confirm that the issue is still there, I need to clarify what you’re looking for.

The application rules are mostly for 3rd party applications. Was there something in windows you’re looking for that you believe is blocked for either Firewall or Defense+? It isnt easy or practical giving a screen shot of a page that is really long.