Remote connect to a computer to solve friend's problem....

I tested this program, it ownz!!!
I connected to my friend’s computer and I had absolute access so I could solve a problem he had…

It’s small and free, and it can record a session, it’s compression for video is outstanding!!!
It can bypass a firewall, no configuration needed.
If you want to test it out yourself, you can even try it in virtual machine… :wink:
And you can create a profile on a website I posted above so you can even add friends and remote-connect over a website…
Very handy program, when someone has problems, he can expect support from his buddy over the internet.

PCHelpWare I like Better
You can Customize It,
It’s Light
& Comodo Live PC Support Uses It


Looks ok… just need time to get use to that new program…
It is more “complex” to initiate a connection at first…
Will check it out, thanks! :wink:

Or just use Comodo VPN !


I’m still working on customizing it

Or just use Comodo VPN !
You could use that two, but the PcHelpWare is much lighter and no need to install a driver for it :)

Enlighten me!
I know VPN is a virtual private network, but what comodo program do I need and how to initiate a connection on a client with it? They have to be both installed on a server and client?
By server, I mean my machine, and by client, I mean target machine…
Edit: Nice Jacob, post it somewhere when you finish it! :wink:

You Install EasyVPN

they Install EasyVPN

You both add Each Other,

Right Click Your “Buddy”/Client and Click Remote Control
You Both Can Chat/File Transfer


You both need the software, then you add the 2 machines to “friends” like on MSN or so. Then you start a remote session.


Oh my God, I thought this was a Comodo Pro remote help thing that is a paid version!!!
Looks nice… :smiley:
Will check this out…

Please remember that it’s still a bit slow. 88) and beta :wink:


Nope, It’s not a Comodo Pro Thing,

The Remote Support Techies At Comodo Uses PcHelpWare

  • Jacob

Yes It’s Still In Beta & Still Being Improved

I like this thing, just like a messenger, will test it out in 30 minutes… O0
You guys are computer guru’s!!! ;D

You guys are computer guru's!!!! ;D
If you're saying : You guys don't have a life. Well... yeah ;D


I’m just saying… you guys know maybe too much… ;D O0


What is this “Life” you speak of? I don’t know such thing (:WIN) (:LGH)
** = Sarcasm

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Well it’s not good that i’m still in my Pj’s is it? lol

I think i do know to much

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Lol. I agree. :stuck_out_tongue:

But what I want to know is how they find the time to hang out here so much. :slight_smile:

Simple: same as the guys from 4Chan :smiley:
Even I am proactive here, although I don’t post much, but I read interesting stuff here…

Well Plain ol’ Jeremy ; My Friend Jeremy

Well at least i know that this is the spot to be at when you don’t have this thing called life lol
just kidding,

but seriously how do we find time ?
Maybe it’s the wanting to learn, and reach out to everyone to help them & teach them small thing at a time so they can better them selves in the future.
Or is it because I Have great honor & respect for Melih & His Wanting To complete his Dream of a Trusted Internet?

maybe both

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Yes. But since I’m active in other things, I can’t stay here much like I used to (but those weren’t good times anyway so…).

haha a’ yes the good ol’ times with Jeremy,
I remember those days
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