Remote Assistance

Any special setup needed to run Remote Assitance?
Do I need to open any ports manually or will just pop asking if it is ok to allow?

You will need to forward a port only if you act as a server (In-case you host the meeting and the person connects to you for assistance).

I have no clue what the port is, I don’t use Windows’/MSN’s built-in Remote Assistance.

I’m using Comodo’s UserAnywhere, and with that program you don’t have to open any special port(s). Only application rules as usual.

You can check the log (activity/logs) in CFP and see if any port(s) is getting blocked when you try to use Remote Assistance.

I wouldn’t advise using the built in Windows one. I use which only requires app rules.

But i am going to give Comodo’s UserAnywhere a try, as i highly expect this is a much better product. Thanks for reminding me AOwl.