Remote Administrator (RADMIN) False Positives

This is not a virus. Can it be removed from the database or excluded from the scan? Thanks.

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You can submit the files to Comodo to have them corrected in the database, through the quarantine section.
Also, you can exclude them by going to settings>>on demand scan>>advanced>>then select and adding the files to the exclusion. You will need to repeat this for the on access scan.

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Great. I submitted the RADMIN files manually to the e-mail address in another thread, explaining they are false positives. Can I assume they will be removed from the database in a future update coming soon? Thanks.


They will be analysed by the antivirus team and the database should be updated as soon as possible to remove the false positive. Usually within a day or two.



RADMIN tool is used for 2 purpose, if may also used as spywares. So we are detecting as malware(not-a-virus) file. you can exclude the file from scanning.



Ok, thanks for your feedback Suresh.


Yes, it can be used for two purposes, but it is not in itself spyware and therefore surely should not be detected as malware. Just like Nero can be used for legitimate purposes or for copying copyrighted material.

Hi, I followed your suggest to bypass FALSE POSITIVE…
ondemand scan - advanced - items to exclude - c:\windows\radmin (include subfolder)

but nothing to do this hell antivirus always block the access.

Someone in COMODO have a good idea ???


Hi and welcome,

Have you excluded it from the On demand scan and the on access scan? If you have only exlcuded it from the one, you need to exclude it in the other also.