Remote Access Program/Service (like gotomypc)

Fancy a Remote Access Program like gotomypc?
Maybe we should call it useranywhere (

what says you?


Hey Melih,

Have a look at THIS is how internet based remote access should be done. Its brilliant!

ewen :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this will not be a free product, more for corporate users, am I correct? If so will there be a trial download so users may try before they buy?

Well we are thinking about making it free for “light” users.


What will Comodo consider to be a “light” user. Also even if it is not free that is fine I do not expect Comodo to offer every product they come out with for free, Comodo must make money somehow. I was simply just asking, I don’t mean to sound ungreatful.

no problem…
we haven’t decided yet, but maybe something like 1 hour a month etc (?) is light user.


How about something like Macromedia Breeze (Now Acrobat Connect Professional).
this is a great product.

we have a product called:
should be live within next few days…


RHUB TurboSupport Their appliance also gives you additional web conferencing and webinar functions.