can there be some happy medium with the installer? it is very annoying and i get the concept. but could there be some control over the time limit etc.? i install and uninstall constantly and it is incredibly annoying to me. sorry but i wish there was a way to configure it. even a default time to switch back to non install mode or somethingit will sit there in install mode til you click yes! not good. because you forget when your doing 10 other things. i have even done reboots and 5 minuted later it asks me to get out of install mode.

need more control. or at least a default to automatically switch back after 30 seconds

Yes I agree with you done the same rebooted and it comes up with the alert :o
I don’t know about 30 seconds some of the last Windows updates took some time.
I will add to wishlist later unless you already have.

i haven’t but please do. thanks