Remember which app triggered install mode and wait for it to end

First of all, so far, I’m very satisfied with Comodo firewall, even more than with Norton IS, which I was originally planning to install…

To get to my point:
I have noticed, that those “switch to previous mode” reminders with an auto-timer appear even while the installer app is still running.
Let’s imagine a situation somebody is installing some large app (I will take myself installing visual studio as an example). I set everything up, and finally click Next button in the last step of install wizard. The install process commences. Because I know that it will take some time, I go away from the computer, which means the mouse and keyboard are idle. Suddenly, after few minutes, the Defense+ reminder pops up. As I’m not currently at the computer, there is nobody there to click ‘No’ and thus stop the Defense+ going into "normal"mode. The timer expires, Defense+ switches to normal mode and suddenly Visual Studio installer is no longer able to copy files into "protected"directories such as \win\sys32, shows an Abort+Retry+Ignore dialog and hangs. When I return, after 1/2 hour to my computer, I find out, that the setup actually hanged at 20% and spent most of that 1/2 hour waiting for my confirmation to enable installation mode again.

So I suggest, that Defense+ actually remembers, which process triggered the “switch to installation mode” request that was accepted by me, and while that process is still running, do not show the reminder at all (or show the reminder, but without the timer)

  1. Defense+ won’t switch to normal mode if nothing is selected in this reminder popup. It’ll stay in installation mode and remind you again a few minutes later. It’s a reminder for you to actively switch to normal mode again, when the installation has finished. (It even stays in installation mode, in case you reboot your system.)

  2. The beta of CIS4 doesn’t contain the installation mode anymore. I’m not really sure how it works now, since I don’t use the beta on my production machine and therefore hadn’t a deeper look into it, but it seems to get arround the installation mode completely.