"Remember my answer" not being remembered

This happens whenever I update an app to a new version. I’ll get the alert about the cryptographic signature changing. No big deal, I’ll check the “remember my answer box” and allow it. The next time I update that app, I’ll still get the alert about the signature changing with the only difference being the checkbox is already checked.

This is most troublesome with my AVG antivirus. When AVG auto updates it can’t restart itself because it gets the alert about the signature changing even though I checked the box to remember. I can’t be there to click allow every time because I have AVG set to check for updates overnight and by the time I notice my AV is off, the alert has long since timed out.

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But that’s intended. Everytime the signature changes you will get the pop-up. The firewall doesn’t know where the change is coming from. You or some Virus/Trojan/whatever.

The Remember-Box is there for that current version. Should it only allow now or in the future, too.
Just like a new program. It is not ment to remember that changes for this file are OK.

So is there any workaround for this? Is it possible to make CPF ignore signature changes for certain apps?

This has been in the past wishlists, like a version for developers or a really advanced feature to disable it.

to me this does not sound like a good idea since malware can use almost any software on your system to connect. Disabling these pop up for certain software is almost like turnig off app monitor or component monitor. The only good reason i could thinkl of is if you were a dveloper and were changing thing very frequently.

I think the example I gave in my OP is a perfectly good reason to have this option. Anyways, I guess I’ll just have to live it. Thanks for the replies everyone :slight_smile:

Your example mentiones the Virus-Scanner. For me that would be the last program i would set to “ignore signature change”… Why? It’s the perfect target for a virus/trojan.

For each application in the Application Monitor, you can Edit the rule, go to the Miscellaneous tab, and find some more options there… Skip Advanced Security Checks (there you go), Allow Invisible Connections (might need that one too, after an update), and Limit Connections (I’ve never used it for this type of scenario).

Whether or not you try this is up to you. As mentioned, it leaves that application open to some level of risk. However, if you constantly have the issue because of AV updates, it may be worth your sanity to do so… but that’s up to you.