Remember my answer (default)

When I’m prompted to answer a question about allowing a program access etc there is a check box,‘remember my answer’. I’d like an option to always have the checkbox unchecked so that I have to make a concious decision each time to give a program access. Sometimes there are so many prompts that I forget that I’ve previously checked, ‘remember my answer’ for the previous prompt and then I end up giving continual access to another program that I may not have really wanted to.


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You mean “Remember my answer” should always remain unchecked irrespective of whether it was previously checked or not, right?


If it’s made into an option then sure, I would personally have that option disabled and have it act in the way it does now but that’s just me. Options are good though. :-TU

Or have two boxes. Remember and Allow Once.

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This would be great!


Remember Allow, Remember Deny, Allow Once, Deny Once.

Hmm yep or this :-TU

Actually it can be too many choices and inconvenient.