Remember expanded/collapsed state of rule/zone/port lists

When one has many applications, zones, or port sets, it is annoying to find all of them automatically expanded every time one goes to such a list. Please make Comodo Firewall remember which list portions are expanded and which are collapsed.

This would be helpful. :slight_smile: :-TU


Or even, just keep them collapsed by default.
Maybe also a quick search/filter functionality.

I just discovered by accident today, that if you go to Firewall->Advanced, and then double-click on Network Security Policy, it will open with all the rules collapsed!

Unfortunately, the same is not true for My Port Sets and My Network Zones. They should be made the same as Network Security Policy. In fact I think that for all three, a single-click should open collapsed, and a double-click open expanded.

Remembering the individual states would be nice, but the above would suffice.

Turns out that it isn’t a double-click which does it, per se.

Once the Network Security Policy is open, clicking on the Application Name header will collapse and expand all rules. The same is true for My Port Sets, for My Network Zones, and for Computer Security Policy.

By accident, my Network Security Window was positioned such that, when open, the Application Name header was aligned with the Computer Security Policy link in the Firewall tab, so that when I double-clicked the link, the first click open the window, and the second click landed on the header, causing the rules to collapse (:WIN) !

The default should be all collapsed. And I miss “Collapse/Expand all” in the context menu.