Remaining RC1 problems still in release (V3.0.12 x32)[BUGREPORT]

Great job Comodo; I seem to be able to use v3 final OK. Few leftover problems from RC1 using Vista Ultimate, Avast!, on a Toshiba P105:

  1. Still can’t export configuration. More disturbing, is that going to properties and checking “run as administrator” causes Comodo to not load, nothing but a dead stub. But as opposed to RC1, unchecking and rebooting cures the problem.
  2. Comodo leaves Windows firewall on. I presume it is applied first, so conflicting rules unless it is manually turned off.
  3. Still a mail proxy issue. Recognizes that Avast! ashwebsv is a proxy, and correctly monitors the web browsers. But using stunnel as the direct mail interface after the ashmaisv proxy is not recognized, so no rules for Thunderbird, Windows Mail, or any other program that comes along and recognizes you are using stunnel; security hole.

No showstoppers; just some issues for 3.1. :SMLR

  1. The Log of Blocked Connections is still buggy. Most on Outbound Connections when a connection is “supposed” blocked by “Global Rules” (with Log request of course).

  2. Still taking ages to the firewall get “Green Active System” at start-up. (Windows “terminal services” are disabled in my system, I don’t need it. And all 3 boxes at Miscellaneous/Settings/Updates are UN-ticked).

  3. All IP listed as “blocked” in both PG2 and CFP-v3 are first blocked at PG2 (logged), and that strange behavior if the firewall is allowing some traffic flowing to some other software/driver is quite alarming. I would feel more secure with all traffic being filtered by the firewall at FIRST (but in this case, PG2 catches it first).

BUT STILL, THIS IS A GREAT SOFTWARE !!! Thank’s COMODO !!! Thank’s Melih !!!

WinXP SP2 Updated
Sempron 3000+ on MSI-7145
Apps running: PG2 + NOD32 v2.70.39 + ATI Catalyst + Azureus
CFP-v3 final: Network Defence on Custom Police Mode; D+ on Clean PC Mode.
All blocking rules (incoming and outgoing) are ticked to log…

I bet the whole discussion purpose is to kill bugs and not the firewall 88)

Kill the bugs, yeh… leaving all bacteria far from my PC! CFP is the best for me.

I’ve tried: Jetico for 6 months (that “indirect-permissions” and that behavior of “let-it-run” and then ask isn’t, really, nothing healthy), before Jetico I was with Outpost (uses a lot of resources and it doesn’t like to P2P…), and before was ZA (msn and P2P are the devil for ZA).
But COMODO… This is THE ONE! GREAT !!! I have V3-final running on 5 machines til now. And v2 on a bunch more…

V3 only needs 0,000001% more to be perfect. And, with all those excellent developers will be easy… just need a little time. As it is now, V3 is the best one!!! Imagine in the future…


T H A N K Y O U !