remaining days subscription


My subscription was renewed on May 10 with the reception of both technical and financial emails, followed by necessary validations, counting was done the following some days and then remained at the value of 362.
This was also present during the previous subscription.
Without explaining this anomaly, I just noticed that enabling again the license indicating the remaining days are actualized.

Is this the normal operation?

Good continuation.


Problem solved in the third intervention ‘GeekBuddy’ via ‘Buddy Finn’ is the following:

  • run “regedit”
  • Hkey Local Machine / Software / Comodo / CIS / Cam
  • Cam neutralization file Cam.old
  • reset the registration key and validation
  • check again the key and validation (automatic creation new Cam file)
  • activation of the guarantee (full analysis)
  • regular updating of days remaining

The update is now correct on 3 PCs without further intervention, the problem was the fact that the subscription was not completely validated by Comodo.