Relocating Bases.cav from SSD to HDD

I have in the past moved the Repair Folder from C:\ to a different partition,
and this has reduced the daily Partition Image incremental backup file by 200 MB.
I used a folder junction to do this, so Comodo is not aware of the relocation.
I note that Bases.cav has shrunk to 135 MB after replacing Comodo 5.8 with 5.9.

I now have an SSD and have an additional concern that 7 signature updates a day would erode the life of the SSD by writing an extra 1 GB,
so I intend to relocate the Repair Folder as previously.

How about Scanners\Bases.cav.
Is this loaded into memory on startup so that disc access is not required for scanning unknown files ?
or would moving it to a HDD have a drastic effect upon performance ?

Would it be O.K. to again use a folder junction to relocate the entire Scanners folder,
or should I look for a reparse point that applies only to the selected file in Scanners.