ReLoad / Refresh Arrow turning counter Clockwise

Wonderi if anything else might cause this problem other than the Hosts file ? ? ?

A few days ago when using the current Dragon beta when trying to go to Comodo Forum or just even refreshing a current page, the ReLoad / Refresh arrow would start off turning counter clockwise sometimes for just a few seconds and sometimes minutes (it would eventually either reverse itself and complete loading or in a few instances stop.

I replaced the Hosts File with the one found at MVPS Found a lot better response but as least 2 times it did a counter clockwise move for 2-3 seconds. Maybe just coincidence and too large a hosts file, none of my malware scanners found anything.


On XP Hosts files bigger than 135 kB can make browsing slower. Read this article for reference and how to work around the disadvantages of a big Hosts file.

Also the forum software introduces slowdowns when navigating it.

Hi Eric

Think I have replaced my Hosts file with the one from MVPS. Many of the problems decreased after I did.
Also the artilce you linked to was very interesting.

Looked as if in Services.msc DNS was changed from Automatic to Manual there might be a better response time ??
Also wondered about updates and how I can manually check for updates, and how the Hosts file does it automatically ? Even if the Hosts file is set to manual

When doing a search for Hosts also found LMHosts in in Windows I386 and an IMHosts which looks as if it is the SAM file.

Is there anything else that might cause the counter clockwise motion ? Did notice when I entered an incorrect url in Dragon the counter clockwise motion continued for a long while before finally stopping. In IE8 in 2-3 seconds it stopped with an error message.

Thank you for your time

I am not using Dragon so I have no clue why it would turn counter clockwise.


My calculated guess is that something is wrong with the path connection, checking the Hosts file or too large a Hosts file or just a miscofigured url. That is when I seem to noticed the counter clockwise turning the most.

A few times it turned counter clockwise for a minute then reversed and connected, sometimes less than that and sometimes it just continues to turn.

if you use IE8 you should also see something turning before connections.

If I post the bad link" " IE8 will post the message unable to connect within 2 seconds while in Dragon the counter clockwise movement might run 30 seconds to a minute before posting

Currently installed Chrome and the above turned counter clockwise for less than 2 seconds

The majority of the problem disappeared when, I replaced the Hosts file with the MSVP Hosts file.

Had hoped you might have been able to recommend if I should leave the DNS setting in Services.msc to Automatic or set it to manual (per the link you left Blocking Unwanted Connections with a Hosts File

And how I can manually check for updates?

Thanks UncleDoug


In another topic in reference to the Comodo Secure DNS you referred to opening pages not throughput (file transfer speeds)

Changing or loading pages is what I was refering to

Wondered if any particular setting would be better than another??
And how to manually update the HOSTS file


It could be related to scanning a large HOSTS file. Since the file is not indexed, whenever a URL is looked up, the file needs to be scanned from the beginning each time. On some systems, large HOSTS files affect system performance as well as browsing performance due to this.

Disabling the DNS service can also affect browsing performance because it disables DNS caching. Each URL needs to be looked up each time instead of using a cached result.