ReleventKnowlege rlvknlg64.exe What is this program and why did Comodo allow it?

I installed a Broadcom Bluetooth adapter driver and right after that it tried to install some kind of ■■■■ on my computer that Comodo said was safe after I submitted it. It even installed a Firefox addon that I can’t get rid of.

I want to know what this program is and what it’s doing on my computer and why you have it in your safe list and if it even belongs there at all. All internet searches of these files are listed as severe malware.


Unfortunately for whatever reason we can’t upload the log files! BRILLIANT! Here are the screenshots instead. (:AGY)

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Hi aweir14150,

Please submit the files at we can check it


I have already removed the files from the computer. I added them to my blocked files, booted into Linux and deleted the files from the hard drive. I had already submitted them.

I’m going to try installing the program again inside a virtual machine with Comodo installed and “auto rule creation of safe files” off. but I can’t do it right now. The system has already been compromised because I was stupid and allowed it to install after Comodo said it was safe, then blocked it afterwords.

Default Deny. (:LOV)

RelevantKnowledge is a Monitoring Tool

So what you’re telling me is that Comodo has this SPYWARE on their safelist? You have got to be kidding me! >:(

This is why I’ve asked to be able to disable the cloud scanning in the Real Time Scanner as well as seeing a return to being able to disable the Trusted Vendors List! :cry:

You can disable it if you wish in Execution Control Settings.


Does this disable the cloud scanning in Real Time? I was under the impression that it was automatic and we couldn’t opt out.

Well by unticking those two entries, I have no trusted files added except what I do, and no extra entries in Trusted Software Vendors list.(Very limited list 4/6)


I guess I’m only allowing Microsoft programs for now on. Maybe this Relevent Knowledge company bought something like a certificate from Comodo and then Comdo did something for them in return by adding them to the safelist.

Melih, responses??

Hmmm…I’ll have to look into this further. The main reason I wanted to be able to disable the Cloud in Real Time was because of slow transfer of copied files. See my second paragraph here:;msg435509#msg435509

Please do not post accusations like that unless you have proof.

Comodo does not sell places on the Safelist, they are only put there after testing.

Thank you

Well obviously they didn’t test it enough. 88)

That’s still not the same as selling. 88) :P0l

Do you understand. ???

All this time we have been bombarded with the phrase “trust” over and over again…and then this happens. I have a completely ruined Windows installation now because I trusted Comodo. I have to completely reinstall my OS from scratch and maybe now I won’t trust Comodo as much.