Relevant Knowledge Installed Along with Comodo?


I just installed Comodo Firewall 5.0.1… and immediately after, I was prompted with “Relevant Knowledge” survey prompts. It showed up in my add/remove list, so I uninstalled it and then manually removed the folder and files remaining in Program Files. I scanned the folder/files with AV prior to removal, results were clean. I have not done a full scan yet.

After some research, I saw that Relevant Knowledge might mask itself during the install process of another program by looking like a EULA. I then attempted to reinstall Comodo just to look at the EULA, and there was nothing unusual about it (didn’t look like Relevant Knowledge)…

Needless to say, I’m pretty confused. I didn’t install anything else today, and the install date according to add/remove for Relevant Knowledge was the exact date and time I installed Comodo.

Anyone know if this was supposed to happen?

I did see a post about this on this forum, but it’s several months old… No real help

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Where did you download the installer?

Hello and thank you for the reply,

Directly from the Comodo site. Win 7 64bit Firewall download.


There is no spyware in the CIS installer.

A little Google search learns it is some form of spyware that must have gotten installed prior to CIS and happened to pop up after you installed CIS.

Hello EricJH and thank you for your reply.

I run full scans regularly with a well known AV, and ran a full scan after this event, with no threats detected. Perhaps I need a solution specifically for spyware.

I’m still confused how all symptoms came about after I installed CIS, but it’s possible I contracted the spyware prior to today as you mentioned. I can’t know for sure…

The installer I downloaded from Comodo does have what appears to be a valid, current certificate…