Relevance of wishlist

Dear Comodo,

to begin with, I think the wishlist forum is a good sandbox to see where users would like your product to go. However, I kind of feel that for the moment the wishes are somewhat pointless as I can’t recall having seen any of them implemented yet. Personally, I posted some wishes many months ago and also voted on other user’s wishes, but it looks a little bit like a one-way-street of ideas, although many of them didn’t seem that hard to implement.

What I would suggest in this situation is a feature-vote. Meaning, take like the 10-15 topics with the most +1 AND which you think are do-able in the foreseable future, put those in a sticky poll and let users vote on them. Commit to the first, say 3, most voted features and annonunce a road-map when those will be implemented.

This way, the interaction between company and users will be much more satisfactory and you will be able to bind more users to your product. I would also consider a sponsor/donate button next to the poll to encourage users to fund development of their wishes.

Thanks for listening!

The only way to do a serious wishlist is do something like this:

Seems that nobody reads this part of the forum ;D

I am aghast that only 1 user has replied to this topic. So y’all just want to keep posting suggestions which will then slowly move down in the list until they disappear and are forgotten?

I would even just like a post from one of the developers saying that they have seen the post and will take it into consideration. Comodo is well known for ignoring their users.

That said, I made a wishlist post that the exclusion list in the AV should actually exclude the files on the list from being scanned. (Previously, (and astonishingly) the only thing the exclusion list did was suppress any detection alerts from files on the list. All the files were still scanned. In other words, nothing was actually being excluded) It took a while, but the AV now actually excludes the files from being scanned, as you would expect.

even a roadmap of features

Some level of transparency would be nice. Though on the other hand, a loosely moderated and buried forum isn’t exactly the best spawning ground for well thought out ideas or easily navigable lists.

We have two guidelines to follow, and most threads here only accidentally adhere to the second.