Release date

Been a few weeks since I posted about a release date,come on guys get some firm info out on a release date.

The latest I heard was at some point in the Spring. They’ve already integrated the Basic On-Demand Scanner into CPF3 and from what I remember CAVS will be integrated into CPF 3 before it comes out as a stand alone.

OK, so when the next version will be released? :SMLR

At this moment there doesn’t seem to be much of an indication. All I’ve read is “Spring”.

Maybe in the summer? It’s anyone’s guess really.

OK, thanks, but until the summer…? man… I can’t wait. :THNK

Better get AVG in the mean time! (:AGY)

Ok guys,if cfp pro already has defense plus working to prevent rootkits malware and viruses out,why have anything else(BOC,Antivirus,etc)

I was told on another thread here that it’s better to follow the ‘belt and braces’ approach.

By the way Avast (also free) is a lot more user friendly than AVG, and it coexists with all the Comodo products, CFP, CMF, and Boclean with no apparent problems. :slight_smile:


So we have to wait until the spring…? :cry:

That is unfortunate.

I think they will wait with the release untill Vista SP1 final will be released, so they can test it in-house for bugs with Vista :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I have Vista SP1 here. Works just fine :BNC

Where does CAVS3 stand now ?

On the other side of the locked door marked “Development Lab”. :wink:

Please bear in mind that software release schedules are notoriously elastic. March-April has been mentioned as a possible release to Beta test date, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. First half '08 would probably be more realistic.

It’ll come when it’s ready and (hopefully) be ready when it comes.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more and Avast beta 4.8 is now available!!

CAVS3 Where!

Patience is nice.

Manners are better!

Guess so, I’m just really anxious to test the final release out.

Can we have an update please for CAVS3 release date? (:NRD)

still looking at the end of june…


Instead of asking when, I think people should ask: How much is there left to do? Is the main bulk of the coding done and you are just checking bugs, or are there small bits of code that needs to be fixed? :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Some projects have a Road map of all the features and how done the feature is. So you would have something like:
+Base code
---- Coding 95%
---- Testing 67%
+Top Secret Feature
---- Coding 55%


  • Blacklisting
  • Gui
  • Whatever else is in a AV.

Something like that. Then people could go to the page and see visually how much is done and judge how long it will be. :slight_smile: For the public display of that, it’s ok to have entries like “Top secret feature 1”, as long as there is one entry for each feature. :wink: