Relay, Direct, Relay, Direct.

Hi, i have about three days problem with EasyVPN, on my friends often chaning status from Direct to Relay(they not changing) and when someone have direct i cant ping him, and when he have relay ping is about 130ms, i need Direct on hosting server on Minecraft, 130ms ping is horrible.

Hello sexicz;

Do you have any software firewall installed on your PC?

Kind Regards

Same thing here. At first I had only Relayed connection. And worse I couldn’t browse the other computer, nor access it’s ftp. Disabling the software firewall and the windows firewall, didn’t work. After that I created a rule in the software firewall - to allow Comodo easy vpn. After that I finally had direct connection. And I could browse the folders and the FTP.

But now it seems it comes and goes. How come if I already had Direct connection I have again Relayed ?
What ports do I have to open in the firewall ?

I have this issue as well. My friend and I are both relay to each other but he sees my brother as direct and so do I. We can’t Lan warcraft 3 unless my brother host. I have disabled my firewalls and so has my mate. I’ll try making rules anyways and see if that helps.


    Please do not turn off your Windows firewall if you use Windows Vista or Window 7.
    Please allow EasyVPN application in firewall.
    Please allow udp ports between 12000 and 13000 in firewall.
    And would you please provide by which method you and your mate connect to Internet? Firewall on routers may cause Direct connection failed.