Relay Connection

Hi - first of all thumbs up for this great software.

However I’m having a problem with the connection with some friends. They are stated as Relay instead of Direct IP - thus we are not able to connect with each others in games. (All of us see each other as Relay)

All of us tried to disable our firewall, anti-viruses, remove other VPN programs - however we still have Relay as connection.

We all have solid internet speed - above 8mbps and we live in very few kilometers away from each other.

Any suggestions?

Thank You.

Hi Sidown,

Could you please tell me the OS version, ip, mask, gw and the EVPN version? I mean you and your friend’s PC. it will help us to resolve your problem in time.

thank you.

I am the same problem. Please help me.

I have tried several things my self on this i am not able to get this out of relay. if any one has an idea of knows of the fix let me know. I will continue to try and figure it out.

a friend of mine, see me as Relay, the problem in my case was that my connection was behind a router, I disabled the router and connected direclty and then he see me as direct.
Hope there is another way to fix this, cuz router rules.

I have the same problem, can’t play games over vpn as there’s too much lag 'cause of relay connection

Hi All:

 It seems EasyVPN failed to build a VPN tunnel on your routers, that's the most reason for all relay connections. would you please list what routers you used?