REJECT not block firewall rule ?

Comodo Free Firewall
Is it possible to create a rule to REJECT all traffic to port 113, not block it ?


While it is not possible to mimic iptables --reject-with tcp-reset, you can achieve the same concept by creating an allow in rule for tcp port 113 under global rules and under application rules. Here’s how, first add a new global rule as follows: Action=Allow, Protocol=TCP, Direction=In, Source Address=Any, Destination Address=Any, Source Port=Any, Destination Port:Type=A Single Port, Port=113 then make the same rule under application rules and for the application click browse, select running process, click Windows Operating System. This will allow Windows to send a TCP reset packet whenever a connection attempt to made to that port as long as you don’t have any service or process listening on that port.

Just wondering. Are you sure you want to be the rule for WOS to allow like the Global Rule? Or do you mean the WOS rule should block?

Thanks - I was hoping to do this without opening ports in the firewall.
I’ve used another firewall in the past that by default rejected, not dropped the packet.

I’d prefer to have the firewall reject it instead of windows itself.

It would not be Windows rejecting. The naming is confusing here. When the firewall cannot see what process listening to incoming traffic it will log it as blocked by Window Operating System (WOS).