reissue/copy of an email cert

is it possible to reissue an email cert if I lose it? or do I have to worry on my own to make a backup copy?

what is the way to revoke an email cert in case I suspect it could habe been stolen?

thank you for response.


If you lose it then perhaps you can contact support by e-mailing

but if it has been stolen it is of no use to anyone unless you have given them the certificates master password, but if you have then thats on you.

thank you for the answer.

it seems resonable what you say, however a competitive company (thawte) offers an administration console, where it is possible to revoke a cert in case it is suspected that a private key has been compromised or the contents of a cert are no longer accurate.

the reason a wrote my prevous post was to find out if comodo has a similar feature, because I couldnt find it.

Hi Marcin,
We don’t have a admin console for the email certs, but if you suspect that the private key has been compromised you can email from the email address for which the cert was issued and request that it be revoked. Once the original cert has been revoked (you will receive a confirmation from support) you can then go to and re-apply for a new cert.
Comodo Support