Reinstalling CIS prevents my Windows Vista x64 from starting after logging in

I’ve had a registry error after trying the latest CSC 2.0 BETA but that was fixed thanks to Ursu a COMODO mod. :-TU.

I decided to reinstall CSC and being careful this time avoiding CSC malicious option, leaving it unchecked.
After that Windows had trouble starting after logging in. It just stops responding after some minutes and the loading was never finished.

I managed to get this by by uninstalling CIS and reinstalling it again. All went smooth until the AV updated itself twice in a row and it was a huge update though I installed the very latest CIS version. After the CIS AV finished updating and i restart my windows would now hang after logging in.

CIS doesn’t seem to like CSC very much I would advise anyone using CIS not to use CSC 2 BETA.

I really like CIS now it seems I have to go somewhere else for online protection
Something in the AV definition update keeps my Vista from fully loading after logging in :-[

Or Something in the start up application was making CIS unable to let the system loading to proceed.

I was thinking abou the sidebar but even logging in to the admin account without sidebar was met with the same system hang problem after the first minute or so.

CIS Diagnostics always reported installation/integrity problem and I had to uninstall CIS to solve the windows starting problem after logging in in safe mode.

If you read here you have to set your real-time AV to disabled.


Hey thanks. I thought I was the only one having this problem. I’ll wait until this gets fixed and hopefully never to repeat again. Meanwhile I’m experimenting with other firewall.

Can you please post ALL other security Software installed no matter if it’s Real-Time or On Demand we need to see if there is a shared application that could be causing this…

Well I only have Antivir and windows defender. I already turned off windows firewall

OS is Vista x64 SP2

One user reports that the latest AV database no longer has issues, can you try again ?
And also post the language of your OS ?

It’s English. I’ll check the other people’s comments.

Yup it’s now okay. :slight_smile:

I tried Outpost free firewall and it’s a pretty good firewall. I would love to have some of its features in CIS but likewise I would also like some of CIS features in it too.

For a second I thought it was time to get Online Armor paid firewall…if I could find a copy sold here as I don’t buy online.

:-TU Good to hear, seems like some nasty thing with a AV update that caused it

Please COMODO don’t repeat this in the future :).

I hope they don’t but then again it’s software and humans tend to make mistakes now and then :wink:

Yea I’m grateful enough that CIS is a free product :D.

I tested Outpost free firewall with COMODO leak test and it scored 320/340 that is it failed 2 tests which were KnownDLL and FileDrop.

With CIS the scroe would be 340/340 of course.

I prefer CIS interface than Outpost’s. It’s somehow easier to read and set.
Overall I would pick CIS over Outpost free firewall. I don’t know about the paid version though.
I’m so accustomed with CIS that even with Outpost free firewall I felt kind of naked lol.
I like the idea that I have CIS AV and Avira working together too.

Yep it’s an awesome package if you are a bit computer skilled, still a bit confusing for the non tech user i guess but it’s on it’s way :smiley:

Is this still an issue? Do I have to disable the realtime scanner for now? It seems to fix the problem, I have this identical issue with my Vista Ultimate 64 OS.