Reinstalling CB v1 After Disastrous V2

Attempting to install ComodoBackUp after trying the disastrous V2.

Even though I used the uninstaller to remove v1 before installing v2, when I attempt to reinstall v1 I am told the version already exists and do I want to uninstall it. Agreeing to the uninstall, even though it is not listed in any installed app listing, results in no activity since it is not there to be uninstalled.

So, what switch was not set correctly on the uninstall? and how to I set it so that I may reinstall V1.

Hi CU9876

Backup 1 usually uninstalls very well but sometimes there could be a bit of a glitch with uninstalling any program.

It somehow has left behind some remnant either in a folder or in a registry entry. The best way for you to get rid of them now would be to do a search for all the Comodo backup entries and delete them and any Comodo backup folders that you find. Then use a good registry cleaner and only let it delete those entries that refer to Comodo Backup. Let the cleaner do a backup in case you run into problems and maybe set a system restore point before you start. This should allow you to reinstall it.

Let us know if you need more assistance.


Should have mentioned that I have already gone the registry search (deleted what was found pertaining to ‘comodo backup’), file search (nothing), and reg cleaner (several) routes before posting.

Somehow it did not clean up after itself and I need to know where/how to do the job for it.

Will not use v2 since the backup set cannot be edited and now cannot reinstall v1 because it did not cleanup after itself properly and there is no way to get v1 reinstalled? No biggie in the scheme of things, but still interesting.