Reinstalled Comodo Boclean and I don't have an icon near my clock.[Resolved]

What should I do? I can’t shut it down now. How will I update to the new version when it comes out???

It would be helpful if you would give more information.
What OS and which version of CBO is probably the minimum. :wink:
Typically, you can use the task manager to view the running processes.
BOC4.2*.exe is the front end that displays the icon .etc.
If it is present you may try to end the process and then restart CBO from your Program files start menu and see if that resolves “the case of the missing icon”.
Otherwise… have you tried rebooting?

I’m running Windows XP MCE and the latest full version of Comodo Boclean.

Thanks Cat the first Idea worked. (R)

Good deal, if you’re up and running I’ll mark this as resolved and lock it up.
As always, if you need it re-opened IM a Mod.