Can I install the updates manually? For example simply run “CFP_Setup_3.0.18.309_XP_Vista_x32”. Before should uninstall the previous version?

Always better to uninstall first.Export your settings before you uninstall.

Hi JohnSmith

As Vettetech says it is always better to uninstall first. However many including myself have found that the update feature works well. It uninstalls the old version and then installs the new. If it fails for you it may mean a complete uninstall and reinstall.


Im experienced resource problem, but Im not sure. I will try update manually next time.

As stated here the best way is probably to uninstall first.Personally I export my settings,reinstall,then run Ccleaner in case of any stray files.Then I install the new version and import settings. Maybe it isn’t necessary to go to those lengths,but up to now I’ve never had an issue with updating. :■■■■