Reinstall / Upgrade failure.

Hi, I have upgraded from the stable version of comodo firewall from this site, to the most recent beta. However, after uninstalling, installing the new beta and rebooting, none of the monitor modules will start. The program displays a dialog recommending reinstallation. I have removed all the registry keys with the exception of the LEGACY_INSPECT and associated keys, uninstalled and reinstalled a few different versions without any success…

Does anyone know what windows services are required for comodo to operate correctly?

Hi iZombie

CFP has no direct service dependencies other than its own service (CmdAgent).

Why did you feel it necessary to remove registry keys manually?

Thanks for the info,
The only reason that i removed the keys myself, was to see if the uninstaller had missed something that may have caused an incompatibility between the stable > beta version upgrade. After the beta version would not launch correctly, i just assumed uninstalling, and using the original stable version again would work, which did not. :-\