Reinstall refuses to install and not passing leak test

Just uninstalled CFP 3.0.25 on Vista32, restarted PC, tried running the install prog and came up with following error:

“This is an old version of COMODO Firewall Pro. Please visit to download the latest version.”

Does it know something I should know? ???

Also found that it didn’t pass Test 2 of the CPIL tests, test1 and test3 had problems opening up IE. Test3 caused Windows Explorer to crash and prompted a restart of the program.

Hi, Version is valid till 27th july, 2007. We planned to update Alpha version before this but could not do so. We are planning a version coming thursday. Still if someone wants to install this version, he should change his system date prior to 27th july, 2007, install the firewall and then he can switch back his system date to what it should be.

Sorry for the trouble.


As posted here:;msg78814#msg78814


PS: It’s not uncommon for leaktests to crash explorer. However, I have had some troubles with v3 and CPIL (among others)…