reinstall of cis x64

after deinstalling the comodo internet security x64
i want to install the firewall again.

first i check to install only the firewall
with threatcast comunity
without comodo secure dns


push button install

and than nothing happens.

i can see the process in the processexplorer, but the process does not use any cpu

my system win 7 ultimate 64bit

Hi canguru, welcome to the forums.

Did you run the CIS Set-up using “Run as administrator”? Which version are you installing? The set-up filename would indicate this.

If that doesn’t work, checking the Windows event logs might reveal some indication as to the problem.

the cis Comodo Internet Security 4.0 Build 141842 (newest version)
and i want to install as admin.

windows event logs? wher can i find it?

You can see the events using event viewer, click on the windows logo and type event, press enter, on the left hand side double click windows logs, then select application and see if there is anything related to comodo, depending on the amount of log entries it make take some time to load, then do the same for setup. I have attached a screen shot of what the event viewer looks like for reference.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have the exact same problem. that’s why i registered here.

Hi ameise, welcome to the forums.

Do your event logs (as described above by futuretech) give any additional information?

Event logger doesn’t reveal anything. I used process explorer at install time, see attachments. At closing Windows session, a message appears that the comodo free installer isn’t responding.
I hope this information can be helpful.

After registering here I was flooded with SPAM.

[attachment deleted by admin]

after manual removal of comodo live support and downloading a fresh version of the installer, I was able to install the Comodo Firewall again. I wish I’d seen an option to avoid installing the Live Support part again.

Every now and then after system logon the comodo application fails to start and produces an error message.