Reinstall Defense+

I’m building some Windows 2003 servers and I wanted to install Comodo AV on them. The Anti-Virus part seems to have installed correctly, but the Defense+ didn’t. When I try to repair through the diagnostics, it says that there was a bad installation.

What is the proper procedure for re-installing Defese+? Do I need to uninstall Comodo AV completely and start from scratch, or is there a package for Defense+ only?


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You will need to reinstall the AV as well. (In other words, uninstall all of CIS and reinstall.)

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At this moment in time, there is unfortunately no way to reinstall Defense+ as a separate application :frowning:

A complete reinstall is required I’m afraid. Below is a guide for a complete reinstallation of CIS.

Guide starts now

Exit CIS by right clicking tray icon, and clicking ‘Exit’ → Click ‘Yes’ at the prompt.

Uninstall CIS using Revo Uninstaller and use the ‘Advanced’ uninstallation method. Let the uninstaller run.

If the uninstaller prompts you for a reboot, click ‘No’.

Click ‘Next’. Delete any remaining Comodo-related registry entries and files found by Revo.

Reboot (very important!)

Download the CIS Cleanup Batch File and run it.


Clean your system of temp/junk files with a program like CCleaner.

Guide ends now

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As far as I remember Windows 2003 servers are not support only XP & Vista (x 32 & 64)

Thanks everyone. I am re-installing now. I will let you know what happens.

Well, Dennis2, I guess you’re right. A reinstall is telling me the same thing. I thought that I’d read on the site that D+ is compatable with Server2003 but I guess I was wrong. I can’t find it now.

I work for a very small company (we have one desktop, one laptop, and, as of this week, 2 servers) and we can’t afford to keep throwing money into software. The stupid MS OSs cost more than the hardware did. I was hoping I could find a good, basic, virus protection that will work on Server 2003, then when we had the money buy the more advanced software that will do more. I know that’s hard for a software company to do. Most servers don’t need software firewalls because they have hardware firewalls in place, so there’s nothing else for a company to buy if they give them the AV software for free.

OK, [/rant off] ;D

The diags created a file, I’ll attach it here. Thanks for the info, guys. Y’all have a great Easter!

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It is just a wild thought. Can you run programs in Vista compatibility mode on Server 2003?

On Win 7, until the latest beta of 3.9, you had to run the installer in Vista compatible mode to installl it. Then cfpupdat.exe (program updater) needed to be set to Vista compatibility mode to be able to run the program updater.

Excellent idea, EricJH. Unfortunatly, Server 2k3 only has a compatability mode up to XP. When I tried that, it wouldn’t even install. Just told me I had the wrong version of Windows. :’(

Oh, well. BOClean seems to be running great. I’ll just need to look for another virus scanner.

Thanks for making these products that help out the little guy. I will be back after we get some cash to test out some of your commercial stuff.