Rehash II Anti Spyware/Malware Removal Tool/CD DVD Burning Software?

Is there any that COMODO has developed?

For ad blockers I use AD-Muncher

As far as CD/DVD Burning I use


Wish I could find something that rivaled NERO without being a resource hog

You can try the freeware CD Burner XP.

I like Alcohol 120% for CD/DVD/ISO/etc things. :slight_smile:

I’m with Eric on this one.

but for Paid; I sometimes use Ashampoo Burning Studio…


Ashampoo is nice isn’t it ;). Yep otherwise use the free Windows one :wink:


Hehe Well; When I had Windows…

Linux Is Much Better :smiley:

Brasero Disc Burner; I use (It’s actually better then Ashampoo) lol…


Well I like the ISO Mounting feature Alcohol 120% has. Do any of these that you guys mentioned have that?

I doubt Comodo is interested in making something so non-security related.

Alcohol 52 % Free Edition? :wink:
Virtual CloneDrive

Don’t forget the good old Magic Disc



Ok I guess some do that…but I like 120% 'cause it is about as “all-in-one” as you can get. :slight_smile:

BTW, should this be moved to somewhere else? The topic is more about burners than wishing Comodo to make one…and I doubt Comodo will make one anyway. 88)