Registry warning SystemCertificates\* very annoying

So I’m using D+ on paranoid, so I want lots of warnings.

Now there is one thing, that is very annoying, and that is hundreds of warnings for SystemCertificates registry keys. The warning always says the program wants to modify the key, but this is not the case it just reads them and you can see no change afterwards. So in order to keep up with this I simply deleted the protection for this reg key in order to at least get other important warnings I would like to read.

So two questions:

  1. Why do you not implement a modification box in the alert window so that for example D+ warns that the program wants to ‘modify’ \Software\Policies\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\CA and in(!) this warning allowing me to change the key to, for example “\Software\Policies\Microsoft\SystemCertificates*” with a wildcard and save this. Would be a huge improvement.
  2. Why does it give a modify warning, when nothing gets changed? Is the ReadKey the same API as the WriteKey?

Please implement the ‘quick edit’ function into the alert message.

Make a short text, a good headline, and put it into wishlist section :slight_smile:

But the question window is not made for paranoid mode users. Paranoid mode users know what they do. And they make comodo like they want it to have.
Many other users would get sad :smiley:

I cant remember that i had a problem like this with paranoid mode.
Maybe i just made rules which cover things for programs that i think are safe.
I did not answer all questions.
But if anything wanted to do something, i would get a question for each little attempt.
Thats what i used paranoid mode for.