Registry virtualization

Hi. Is there any way to see the reg entry of a sandboxed program?

Check the contents of the VritualRoot folder. It is on your system disk/partition (typically c:).

I know that, but I was referring to reg entry.

Hi Gas. Do you mean HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\VritualRoot? Kind regards.

It was near:



Thanks back, sorry my mistake. I had the right location here, I just miss typed it sorry about that. Glad you found what you was looking for. Kind regards.

Now I get your question… :slight_smile:

I have noticed some items from previous sandboxed items still show up here in the registry, and seem to be impossible to remove even with Admin and regassasin. This registry location appears to keep a history of previous sandboxed items even when folder is empty.

For persistent keys try the method described here. It uses PsExec to start Regedit.

Hi Eric. The keys in question I decided to leave them alone, but thanks very much for this information which maybe useful in the future or if I get the urge to have a go. Kind regards.

I usually use boxedapp for regtry virtualization…

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