Registry protection

How to protect the registry of a komodo from Vit Registry Fix Professional, CCleaner and so on?

You can create a HIPS rule for those applications and edit protected keys modify > blocked registry keys and add COMODO keys.

And such a setting will not interfere with the work and updating of the komodo? Why did not the developer take care of this?

Nope. Above rules take precedence. If your suggestion gets implemented then you’re restricting access to administrators which is a bad idea. Besides that, non-trusted apps are unable to modify such keys due to auto-containment (or HIPS).

Here what records appear, when I protect branches of the registry comodo (stands Internet Security Essentials and comodo)

This is normal ?

Is it worth it to protect comodo files on the same principle?

Move Comodo Applications to be above All Applications in HIPS rules.

Additional explanation to Futuretech’s post: ‘All Applications’ was not placed at the bottom (by mistake). It’s positioned correctly as last rule in the beta version.