Registry in use?

Comodo will not let me clean all of my registry, it says it won’t let me because they are in use. I close all my apps and what not but it still says the same thing, any way to fix this?


 Can you post the logs for registry cleaner so we can see what registry keys cannot be deleted?
 This would help us sovle your problem.

 The logs are located in the COMODO System-Cleaner installation directory. The file is called CRC.log.


Apparently it only shows the registry’s that are cleaned, I scanned it and it says.

[ 13.01.10 08:22:21 ] Starting Scan
[ 13.01.10 08:23:56 ] Scan Finished
[ 13.01.10 08:23:56 ] Found 225 errors.
[ 13.01.10 08:24:07 ] Start Cleaning…
[ 13.01.10 08:24:14 ] Finished Clean!
[ 13.01.10 08:24:14 ] Removed 0 errors

Their all from COM and ActiveX though.

The content you posted is not from CRC.log, but from CSC.log. Please check again.

Thank you.