Registry False detections "Possible damage to OS"

Recently upgrading to the comodo system cleaner i always delete unsafe entries “why? because i just do… on any program” with backup up of course first. First after having no taskbar and unable to copy/move anything in the os i was kinda curious as to wtf was going on. after some browsing around in my os i noticed that some vital services were not started… i recreated the values to Imagepath under the appropriate registry locations in localmachine windows controlset services etc… somewhat to those guidelines. anyways after going through the logs of my cleaners “i use jv powertools, CC, winaso, and comdo” i noticed it was comodo that was the culprit that for some reason stated i had invalid registry entry to the executable which existed. this both happend in x64 vista and x32 windows xp pro. the difference between the two was in XP it disabled RPC and two other services and in vista it only disabled the windows installer. I understand these are under the unsafe section and should not be deleted i am just simply reporting that its falsely detecting certain imagepath settings for services which are not false… the file exists… i noticed after setting the imagepath to C:windows/system32 over %system% would cure this detection.

log attached

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also your program detects updates then fatals when trying to apply the updates… im guessing because theres a beta out or something? both xp/vista affected.
confirming that.

I’ve also experienced some issues after using CSC latest update.
I can’t uninstall some applications. “Unable to create a temporary file. Setup aborted. Error 5” message appears.
Also I can’t restore backup points nor create a new one -I can’t set name to the backup point-
Can’t start some services and Script error are displayed when trying to solve. -Error 54-
I’ve restored registry entries deleted with CSC but files are missing.

Could somebody help me?


Hi ,
At what imagepaths are you referring to ?Those related with ‘svchost’ ? because on our machine they aren’t detected as invalid. Please post the CSC version that you used .

CSC 1.0.60039.19

Off a FRESH install into a new partition section of my hd for XP it did the same thing but after the registry setting was manually repaired it would not detect it again…

as for the entries im referring to they are on lines 285 and 287 in the log i posted

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\TermService (Value):“ImagePath”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\RpcSs (Value):“ImagePath”

if i get around to it later ill install xp again on the testing partition i have and see if i can reproduce it again. and yes it was related to svchost and the file exists on my pc and never was moved or deleted.

oh yea the one for vista was related to the Windows Installer thats the log from the XP os not vista.

Hi ,
Please use the latest available version of CSC. Thanks

could you post a link for the x64 version i see the beta in sticky but it only links to a 32bit installer. i can test that out on the xp32 but it fails to install on the vista 64.

Here please.