Registry entries - back to 2.4

After only 3 days with Defence + active there are roughly 100 more registry
entries which I discovered as I regularly use Regseeker to keep the registry
neat and clean. Imagine what the bloating would be like after 1 month !

As version 2.4 provides more or less the same degree of protection as
version 3 with the Firewall plus Leak protection, (as mentioned in v.3 help
file), I see no reason (only speaking for myself of course - everyone has
different system setups), for using v.3 with only F/wall+Leak protection.
Folks that want the full HIPS are welcome, but how much does it eat
into your hopefully productive time ? Most of my Windows 'puter time
is spent on updating/maintenance/patches/ and configuring stuff like
Comodo firewalls with HIPS etc. I dual boot with Ubuntu Linux and I always
look forward to booting into Ubuntu where I can get on with what I need
or want to do.


Considering how closely some security applications embed themselves throughout a system – particularly with respect to the OS kernel – an extra 100 registry entries wouldn’t be especially worrisome.

It depends, of course, what you are getting in return for a “larger” registry.

The bigger – and more practical – question is whether those additional registry entries have an adverse impact on system performance in terms of conflicts with other applications and system resource utlilization.

A “bigger” registry? Yes. Bloated? No.

Just looked at my last CFP unintall log of 276 and see that 10,000+ registry entries belonging to CFP were removed during the uninstall process. Once rule creation dies down, registry growth should also. Hard to tell when performance will become an issue.